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What We Do

insurance payoutDo you have a “family doctor”?  Do you have a “personal attorney”?

How about a “Public Adjuster”?   Many people do not know what a Public Adjuster is, but not knowing can cost you money!

A Public Adjuster (otherwise known as PA), is licensed by the Department of Insurance. He or she is hired by the policy holder to handle negotiations of a personal claim with the insurance company. PA’s handle both commercial and residential property claims.

When a loss occurs it is critical to know what your duties and your rights are as a policy holder. A PA adjusts losses day in and day out. We are experts when it comes to policy interpretation. We use estimating software that is industry accepted by every carrier. Hiring a PA saves you the time and agony associated with filing a claim.

Remember, a policy is simply a negotiation tool used to determine how a claim should be settled. Yes, the carrier has a fiduciary duty to pay out what the policy arrangement is, but you, however, are still responsible for determining what you’re entitled to.

When to call? If you have a loss, it is best to call and consult with a Public Adjuster the day the loss occurs.